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Querceta cheeses represent the best of the Apulian dairy production, flavors with marked or delicate tones, ancient or spicy. The organic certification of all the cheeses of the “Azienda Agricola Querceta” is the result achieved thanks to the high quality of milk, the skill in processing and extreme care in seasoning in the cellar.

The processing of our cheeses takes place in a natural way, following the experience and traditions of the Apulian master cheesemakers. The milk is first coagulated with started whey, thus obtaining a cordless milk, worked by hand for hours and, in some cases, seasoned for 12, 18 or 24 months in the cellar.

The aging in the cellar, with high and constant humidity (around 70-80%) and at cool temperatures (10-15 ° C), allows the cheese to mature slowly, protected by solid stone and supported by beech wood boards and fir.

During maturation, cordless milk is compact, losing most of the water contained. In the meantime it assumes the typical straw-yellow color and a strong flavor. The molds that settle on the crust, typical of aging in the cellar, are essential to retain the moisture of the cordless milk and give the cheese its traditional flavor.

At the end of the maturing process, the Querceta brand is affixed to the Riserva line cheeses, guaranteeing the prestige and authenticity of these products. Each cheese is then numbered.