Produciamo energia elettrica per salvaguardare il nostro ambiente


The scents of the Apulian countryside, the colours of fields still following the rhythm of seasons, the farmers' ancient wisdom, are the context where our Farm is located.
An area where dry stone walls, orchards, ancient olive trees, the red earth interrupted here and there by the white of the farms, still speak of ancient knowledge, of a simple life, of the flavors of the past.
The link between this land and our company is inseparable and is the inspiration of that idea that has seen us as promoters of the biological, when it was still considered an elitist product, if not unknown.

We have been producing organic cheeses, meats, sausages and harms for a long time, promoting healthy and quality food, protecting environment and recovering local traditions.

Querceta farm: high quality, healthy and natural products.

Moreover, the choice of the direct sales, from producer to consumer, without intermediaries, enables us to ensure an excellent quality/price ratio.

Querceta farm: high quality, healthy and natural products.

Soc. Agr. Masserie Amiche Marchio Querceta