Produciamo energia elettrica per salvaguardare il nostro ambiente


Photovoltaic system

Our photovoltaic system is a system that uses the sun's rays to generate direct electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electricity with low...



The podolica is a bovine breed characterized by a gray coat, with a tendency to dark gray on the neck, on the thigh, on the rim of the eye and the ear in the male, while in the female it is lighter,...

Biocaseus 2017 Award

1st international prize

BioCaseus and Biofach 2017: a success for Soc. Agr. Masserie Amiche with Querceta brand products.   For us a great success for the Querceta cheeses 4 cheeses awarded by a jury of experts: 1st...


All our cordless milk products are made in a very traditional way, with only raw milk that arrives sterile from the milking parlor up to the processing room 500 meters away, to which is added...

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