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Naturally Organic

Making organic for us is not a fashion or a commercial opportunity but a concrete commitment. We do everything in the most natural way possible to get a really healthy product on the tables, all to the benefit of taste and respecting tradition.
Transmitting the culture of healthy eating is our best project, our passion.
We take care of the entire production process starting from the cultivation of the fields, which are used to feed the dairy cows, through milking and then to the transformation of milk into dairy products and fresh and salami meats. We also grow a small vegetable garden and 4 hectares of olive grove.

Organic production means both producing in a healthy and natural way that respect and improve the environment in which we live. In compliance with EC Regulation EC 834/2007 which defines organic farming, our work is carried out according to precise rules concerning the entire production process (from the production of raw materials to the final processing).

The fertility and biological activity of our land is maintained and improved with the only use of fertilizations of natural origin and traditional techniques (crop rotation, the spread of useful insects and the mechanical elimination of superfluous grass), excluding any type of chemical synthesis fertilizer (anticryptogamics, herbicides or other plant protection products).

We breed our animals in complete respect of their life and their health. Each animal has adequate space, freedom of movement and regular access to pasture. Their diet is based exclusively on raw materials of organic production.

The choice of a biological production derives from the attention of our company for the environment in which we live. By not using fertilizers and other harmful substances and respecting the correct ratio between available surfaces and farmed animals, our work does not cause pollution of soil and groundwater.

The fresh milk of the day does not undergo any treatment (pasteurization or homogenization). Once milked in the stable, it is filtered and refrigerated at a temperature between 0 and 4 ° C.

Dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other suspect additives are banned from the final processing of milk and meat. Thanks to this commitment, our products involve a lower toxicological risk, do not contain harmful substances such as plant protection products, GMOs, preservatives and dyes. They also contain a greater concentration of antioxidants and minerals that also make their taste more intense and tasty.
Querceta cheeses represent the best of the Apulian dairy production, flavors with marked or delicate tones, ancient or spicy.
The organic certification of all the cheeses of the Azienda Agricola Querceta is the result achieved thanks to the high quality of milk, the skill in processing and extreme care in seasoning in the cellar.
The processing of our cheeses takes place in a natural way, following the experience and traditions of the Apulian master cheesemakers.
The milk is first coagulated with started whey, thus obtaining a cordless milk, worked by hand for hours and, in some cases, seasoned for 12, 18 or 24 months in the cellar. The aging in the cellar, with high and constant humidity (around 70-80%) and at cool temperatures (10-15 ° C), allows the cheese to mature slowly, protected by solid stone and supported by beech wood boards and fir.
During maturation, cordless milk is compact, losing most of the water contained. In the meantime it assumes the typical straw-yellow color and a strong flavor. The molds that settle on the crust, typical of aging in the cellar, are essential to retain the moisture of thecordless milk and give the cheese its traditional flavor. At the end of the maturing process, the Querceta brand is affixed to the "Riserva" line cheeses, guaranteeing the prestige and authenticity of these products. Each cheese is then numbered.

Untreated milk is richer in proteins, vitamins and enzymes than packaged, as pasteurisation destroys at least 10% of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and 25% of vitamin C present in milk.



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