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BioCaseus and Biofach 2017: a success for Soc. Agr. Masserie Amiche srl with Querceta brand products.
For us a great success for the Querceta cheeses 4 cheeses awarded by a jury of experts:
1st prize for caciovallo aged 12 months in the cellar
1st prize also for the knot mozzarella
2nd prize for fresh ricotta cheese
2nd prize for desireé cheese

The  International Competition of Organic Agriculture cheeses was organized by the "Consorzio Ecosviluppo Sardegna" in collaboration with "Veneto Agricoltura", IFOAM, Onaf, SOIL Association (United Kingdom), BioForum Vlaanderen (Belgium), Ecovalia - Asociaciòn Valor Ecològico (Spain) and with the support of ICEA - of 174 cheeses from 9 European countries.
The cheeses were judged by an international jury coordinated by the Head of the Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Institute for the Quality and Agri-Food Technologies of Veneto Agricoltura, composed of
57 experts, coming from the ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), from the Consortia for the Protection of PDO cheeses, buyers of dairy products from the Italian and foreign organized distribution.
51 award-winning cheeses, divided into 19 categories, according to the type of milk, maturing time and manufacturing method.
The positive judgment for the high quality of the cheeses in competition was unanimous, judged according to objective standards and without prejudices (better ugly and organic than beautiful and conventional) that deserved an average of 82.4 points out of 100, proof of the fact that organic cheeses they are very good and may, better than others, interpret the typicality and culture of the places and people who generated them.