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The podolica is a bovine breed characterized by a gray coat, with a tendency to dark gray on the neck, on the thigh, on the rim of the eye and the ear in the male, while in the female it is lighter, up to white. The males have half-moon horns, while in the female they have the shape of a lyre.

The ancient Podolica breed has preserved in its name the reference to the region, the steppes of Podolia (in Ukraine), from which it comes its importation in the distant 400 after Christ.

The podoliche, camped our farms for some time now and are raised mainly in Puglia, in the less cultivable areas of our Murgia and in the southern regions such as Calabria, Molise and Abruzzo. This breed has come to our country from the East Asia and is well integrated into our biological territory.

It has a low milk production in terms of quantity, initially used to feed its small, but very rich in omega 3, good fats, which certainly have positive effects on our diet.
Podolica has been abandoned for some decades, today it is spreading due to its high integration in the territory and is particularly appreciated for its very tasty meat and its milk from which are produced excellent caciocavalli (typical product of our land of Puglia ).
Given their nutrition mainly made of wild and aromatic herbs, the meat color a little 'more pronounced, has a unique aromatic flavor.

For years we have decided to resume the breeding of bovine podolico with the aim of completing our production with native cattle that in addition to being integrated into the territory complete our experience both in breeding and cultivation.
The podoliche feed on all the aromatic and spontaneous herbs we have in some soils that by their shape can not be plowed and cultivated. Since nature makes of necessity virtue, we complete our breeding with this splendid specimen of bovine that living free feeds and at the same time removes the herbs that otherwise would not be eradicated creating problems of fires (in summer).